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Search Engine Marketing That Doesn´t Suck: Vol....
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Search Engine Optimization doesn´t have to be as confusing as the last episode of Lost. (And it certainly doesn´t have to involve any smoke monsters.) In Search Engine Optimization That Doesn´t Suck, Michael Clarke of Punk Rock Marketing shares his latest, cutting-edge tips on how to optimize your website for: a) maximum visibility in the search engines; b) improved user experiences; and c) a much, much cheaper way to bring in new customers (and possible) customers into your marketing universe. In Search Engine Optimization That Doesn´t Suck you´ll discover how to tackle some of the common questions surrounding SEO (Do keywords still work? Do exact-name domains still work? How important are backlinks now? Can anybody promise you placement on Page 1 of Google. We will also tackle the mostly misunderstood concept of ´´high-quality content,´´ dig into the nuts-and-bolts of your website and blog, and delve into the scary, shady world of backlinks. (Trust me, it´s dark and scary place.) And give you the straight scoop on how backlinks actually work in SEO...and how to find good ones quickly and easily. (Without selling your soul.) So, if you´d like a Ph.D. in Search Engine Optimization, without taking a single class, then check out Search Engine Optimization That Doesn´t Suck and begin your journey of world-class domination! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Greg Zarcone. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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