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Heutling: Music DictionaryGerman-Japanese-Korean-Chinese-Russian-EnglishThe Wörterbuch Musik features the fundamental vocabulary of music in German, English, Russian and, for the first time, in the Asian languages Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Special Italian and French terms from the domain of expression marks and performance instructions have also been included. Cue words can be found quickly thanks to the register in the Appendix. The dictionary targets a large circle of hobby and professional musicians, and, above all, students at ´´Musikhochschulen.” The book will also be welcomed by German- or English-speaking musicians who are active in Eastern Europe or Asia. Due to the international adjustment of the higher-education system, a period of study abroad has become more attractive than ever. This book also contains administrative concepts that go beyond the purely professional music vocabulary and facilitate every music student’s life.

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More Agile Testing
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The authors are renowned experts on the topic of testing in agile environments. They have remained very active and accessible in both the agile and testing communities since the publication of their first book. This shorter book supplements the lessons of its predecessor, and provides even more practical advice on how to successfully implement and manage a testing program in an agile setting. The book further defines agile testing and illustrates the tester?s role with contemporary examples from real agile teams. This book is another must for agile testers, agile teams, their managers, and their customers. Product Description Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin pioneered the agile testing discipline with their previous work, Agile Testing . Now, in More Agile Testing, they reflect on all they?ve learned since. They address crucial emerging issues, share evolved agile practices, and cover key issues agile testers have asked to learn more about. Packed with new examples from real teams, this insightful guide offers detailed information about adapting agile testing for your environment; learning from experience and continually improving your test processes; scaling agile testing across teams; and overcoming the pitfalls of automated testing. You?ll find brand-new coverage of agile testing for the enterprise, distributed teams, mobile/embedded systems, regulated environments, data warehouse/BI systems, and DevOps practices. You?ll come away understanding ? How to clarify testing activities within the team ? Ways to collaborate with business experts to identify valuable features and deliver the right capabilities ? How to design automated tests for superior reliability and easier maintenance ? How agile team members can improve and expand their testing skills ? How to plan ?just enough,? balancing small increments with larger feature sets and the entire system ? How to use testing to identify and mitigate risks associated with your current agile processes and to prevent defects ? How to address challenges within your product or organizational context ? How to perform exploratory testing using ?personas? and ?tours? ? Exploratory testing approaches that engage the whole team, using test charters with session- and thread-based techniques ? How to bring new agile testers up to speed quickly?without overwhelming them The eBook edition of More Agile Testing also is available as part of a two-eBook collection, The Agile Testing Collection (9780134190624). Features + Benefits Codifies the latest thinking on testing for agile projects and builds upon the feedback received from the authors´ previous book Readers will come away from this book understanding how to get testers engaged in the agile development process Shows where testers and QA managers fit into the equation, and how the development and testing teams can work hand-in-hand on an agile project Another addition to the highly successful Mike Cohn Signature Series Foreword by Elisabeth Hendrickson xvii Foreword by Johanna Rothman xix Preface xxi Acknowledgments xxix About the Authors xxxiii About the Contributors xxxv Part I: Introduction 1 Chapter 1: How Agile Testing Has Evolved 3 Summary 6 Chapter 2: The Importance of Organizational Culture 7 Investing Time 8 The Importance of a Learning Culture 12 Fostering a Learning Culture 13 Transparency and Feedback Loops 15 Educating the Organization 17 Managing Testers 19 Summary 20 Part II: Learning for Better Testing 21 Chapter 3: Roles and Competencies 23 Competencies versus Roles 24 T-Shaped Skill Set 28 Generalizing Specialists 33 Hiring the Right People 36 Onboarding Testers 37 Summary 39 Chapter 4: Thinking Skills for Testing 41 Facilitating 42 Solving Problems 43 Giving and Receiving Feedback 45 Learning the Business Domain 46 Coaching and Listening Skills 48 Thinking Differently 49 Organizing 51 Collaborating 52 Summary 53 Chapter 5: Technical Awareness 55 Guiding Development with Examples 55 Automation and Coding Skills 56 General Technical Skills 59 Development Environments 59 Test Environments 60 Continuous Integration and Source Code Control Systems 62 Testing Quality Attributes 65 Test Design Techniques 67 Summary 67 Chapter 6: How to Learn 69 Learning Styles 69 Learning Resources 72 Time for Learning 77 Helping Others Learn 79 Summary 83 Part III: Planning?So You Don?t Forget the Big Picture 85 Chapter 7: Levels of Precision for Planning 87 Different Points of View 87 Planning for Regression Testing 97 Visualize What

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