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Burkman, A: Passing the PPR TExES Exam for EC-1...
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ôA timely and critically important guide focused on the competencies essential for teachers to enter the classroom and work with diverse students.öùPatrick M. Jenlink, Professor of Doctoral StudiesStephen F. Austin State University, TXôThe authors have created a comprehensive, upbeat, and positive step-by-step process on how to study for the TExES examùoffering real-life ideas that even a veteran teacher could use.öùDebra Hurst, ELL Kindergarten TeacherAustin Independent School District, TXAce the test, lower your stress, and achieve success!Best-selling author Elaine L. Wilmore and educator Amy Burkman bring extensive TExES exam-development and workshop-training experience to this comprehensive handbook. Written in a friendly and encouraging tone, the text helps aspiring teachers prepare for the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities TExES Exam. The book details each of the learner-centered standards, domains, and competencies while addressing todayÆs hot topics of assessment, diversity, technology, family and student engagement, legal/ethical issues, and professional development. The authors also connect theory to practice with real-life examples that demonstrate the leadership philosophy behind the exam. Special features include:Test-taking tips and strategies that build confidence Practical application examples from each domain and area of competencyA fun ôOur Favoritesö section that develops critical thinking and synthesizes conceptsPractice ôdecision setsö with answers targeted to specific competenciesThis guidebook is more than the definitive roadmap to preparing for the PPR TExES exam. The authors give you indispensable keys to becoming a successful and world-changing teacher.

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