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Heutling: Music DictionaryGerman-Japanese-Korean-Chinese-Russian-EnglishThe Wörterbuch Musik features the fundamental vocabulary of music in German, English, Russian and, for the first time, in the Asian languages Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Special Italian and French terms from the domain of expression marks and performance instructions have also been included. Cue words can be found quickly thanks to the register in the Appendix. The dictionary targets a large circle of hobby and professional musicians, and, above all, students at ´´Musikhochschulen.” The book will also be welcomed by German- or English-speaking musicians who are active in Eastern Europe or Asia. Due to the international adjustment of the higher-education system, a period of study abroad has become more attractive than ever. This book also contains administrative concepts that go beyond the purely professional music vocabulary and facilitate every music student’s life.

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