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Heutling: Music DictionaryGerman-Japanese-Korean-Chinese-Russian-EnglishThe Wörterbuch Musik features the fundamental vocabulary of music in German, English, Russian and, for the first time, in the Asian languages Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Special Italian and French terms from the domain of expression marks and performance instructions have also been included. Cue words can be found quickly thanks to the register in the Appendix. The dictionary targets a large circle of hobby and professional musicians, and, above all, students at ´´Musikhochschulen.” The book will also be welcomed by German- or English-speaking musicians who are active in Eastern Europe or Asia. Due to the international adjustment of the higher-education system, a period of study abroad has become more attractive than ever. This book also contains administrative concepts that go beyond the purely professional music vocabulary and facilitate every music student’s life.

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Digital Content Creation
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The very word ´´digital´´ has acquired a status that far exceeds its humble dictionary definition. Even the prefix digital, when associ­ ated with familiar sectors such as radio, television, photography and telecommunications, has reinvented these industries, and provided a unique opportunity to refresh them with new start-up companies, equipment, personnel, training and working practices - all of which are vital to modern national and international economies. The last century was a period in which new media stimulated new job opportunities, and in many cases created totally new sectors: video competed with film, CDs transformed LPs, and computer graphics threatened traditional graphic design sectors. Today, even the need for a physical medium is in question. The virtual digital domain allows the capture, processing, transmission, storage, retrieval and display of text, images, audio and animation without familiar materials such as paper, celluloid, magnetic tape and plastic. But moving from these media to the digital domain intro­ duces all sorts of problems, such as the conversion of analog archives, multimedia databases, content-based retrieval and the design of new content that exploits the benefits offered by digital systems. It is this issue of digital content creation that we address in this book. Authors from around the world were invited to comment on different aspects of digital content creation, and their contributions form the 23 chapters of this volume.

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English in America: A Linguistic History, Hörbu...
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Think about this: How would you address a group of two or more people? Would you say ´´you´´, ´´you all´´, ´´yous´´, ´´you lot´´, ´´y´all´´, ´´you guys´´, ´´you´uns´´, ´´yinz´´, or something else? Would that change depending on whom you were talking to or where you were? Your answers can provide revealing insights into who you are, where you grew up or live now, and your social, economic, and educational background. Welcome to the enthralling world of linguistics. If you´ve ever been curious about how words like awesomesauce ever came to be, let alone made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, or if you´ve wondered why you say ´´firefly´´ and someone else calls the same insect a ´´lightning bug´´, English in America is for you. There´s an incredibly rich and colorful history behind American English. A profoundly diverse assortment of cultures has influenced our vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, and the language continues to grow and shift. Dialect variations are widespread and actually increasing, and the new words, accents, and sentence structures both reflect and shape changes in our culture and society. Investigating these dialects is the domain of sociolinguistics, the study of the intricate interrelation between language variation and cultural, interpersonal, and personal identity. Over 24 lectures, you´ll encounter a wide range of ethnic and social groups that have shaped the course of the development of American English over the centuries: English speakers from all over the British Isles; speakers of West African languages; immigrants from Western and Eastern Europe; speakers of languages from Asia; and Spanish speakers from all over the world. In considering the contributions of these groups, you´ll also gain deep insights into the perceptions - and misperceptions - about language and dialect variation. As you´ll discover, American English is an umbrella term for many different EnglishES, reflecting who we hav 1. Language: English. Narrator: Natalie Schilling. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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