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Various - Wolf Call - 18 Cool Ones From The Vau...
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(1999/Norton) 18 tracks - Howlin´ 1957-64 insane rarities culled from the vaults of Golden Crest, the fabled East Coast wax domain that spawned the likes of the Fabulous Wailers, Mando & the Chili Peppers, Mask Man & the Agents and loads more raunchy, greasy, slobberin´ clobberers! Mammoth full-out Nortophonic loud sound abundance roars forth with an astonishing barrage of foot stompin´, brain sprainin´ teentown tantrums guar-anteed to take your house party from zero to sixty-nine in two seconds flat! Rare photos, extensive liner notes, lotsa cuts presented for the first time on CD! Label oddities abound on Golden Crest: insanely rare picture sleeves (the Four Bars, Donny Lee Moore and four different promo only Wailers jackets to name but a few), limited edition EP´s (ever see the Mando and the Chili Peppers four tracker or the bizarre Wailers /Three Graces split platter?) and of course, the variety of boldly regal label designs-all presented for your drooling pleasure on this luxe package. Rock n´ roll, instrumentals, rockabilly, doo-wop, soul floor shakers, hairy squallers a-plenty! Sure to elevate your status in all sudsy circles!

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